Labrador Pregnancy Scan, Croydon

Pregnancy scan in Croydon.      

Keira’s Scan

Keira the labradoodle from Orpington!

7 week pregnancy scan

In Bromley, Kent.

Chihuahua scan, Oxted, Surrey

Lola’s Pregnancy Scan

Lexi’s pregnancy scan

Lexi the bulldog, from Croydon. Four gestation scans can be seen in this one still image, all tucked under the liver:

Keira’s Pregnancy Scan

Yorkshire Terrier Pregnancy Scan, London

Freya Pregnancy Scan, Petts Wood

Heart, aorta and stomach are all clearly seen: Side by side:

Freya from Petts Wood

Freya’s puppies, at approximately 30 days. Heartbeat: Puppies right up to Freya’s liver!: