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Below are a number of our previous scans, from around the UK, for your perusal. We are constantly uploading news scans so make sure to check back again soon!

Pregnancy Scan, Approx. 35 days

Performed by Phillip Boyd at Vet Image Solutions in Bromley.  

Late state of gestation pregnancy scan

Pregnancy scan in Sidcup, Kent. Heart and aorta of a puppy clearly visible:

Bubble’s Pregnancy Scan

We met Bubble the Mastiff here at our offices in Bromley today. Her owners were worried that she may have reabsorbed her pregnancy after an altercation […]

Chloe’s early pregnancy scan

Chloe the Labradoodle lives in Petts Wood, Orpington. She was scanned today at between 28-31 days. The gestation sacs were very small – we measured them […]

Museum Of Kent Life – Sheep Pregnancy Scans, Maidstone, Kent

Sheep scans performed by Yvette and Catherine, on a beautiful sunny day at the Museum of Kent Life in Maidstone. These ewes were quite late into […]

Canine Pregnancy Scan

Approximately 31 days. A number of gestation sacs can be seen here: A puppy’s heartbeat can be seen at the start of the clip here:

King Charles Cavalier Pregnancy Scan

This is Angel during late pregnancy. Only two pups can now be clearly distinguished because they have grown so large, but earlier scans indicated 3-4 individual […]

Daisy’s Pregnancy Scan, Swanley, Kent

Below are Daisy’s scan videos and stills from her canine pregnancy scan today. In the first video, one of her puppies can be seen laying across […]

Mani’s Heart Scan

Little Mani Whitnall may be small, but he certainly likes to be in charge. When he came to one of our ultrasound training days in December, […]

French Bulldog Pregnancy Scan – Sutton, Surrey

Scanned by Phillip Boyd of Vet Image Solutions. Approx. 30 days: Approx. 40 days:

Angel’s Canine Pregnancy Scan in Orpington

Videos from Angel’s pregnancy scan, approx. 6 weeks.

King Charles Spaniel: Scan in Orpington, Kent

Puppy’s heartbeat clearly visible in the below ultrasound scan clip:

Echocardiography Practice Scans

A beginner’s parasternal long axis view. Supposed to be RV inflow tract! My first attempt ever. I was quite excited to see coronary sinus and IVC. […]

Canine Pregnancy Scanning in Bolton & Beyond!

MC BREEDING Services Mark Crompton, founder of MC Breeding Services, first decided to get involved with ultrasound scanning for scanning his own dogs. “I didn’t want […]

Freya’s Pregnany Scan

Freya lives in Orpington, Kent. This is her pregnancy scan at approximately 31 days. This canine ultrasound scan was performed by Vet Image Solutions (Ph: 0208 […]

Canine Pregnancy Scanning in Edinburgh and surrounding areas

After travelling halfway across Britain – twice – to obtain ultrasound training, Garry Pearce is now open for business. Garry first decided to become a qualified […]

Belle’s Pregnancy Scan

Belle the Chihuahua lives in Swanley, Kent. This is her pregnancy scan at approximately 5 weeks. The foetal heart is well formed and easy to see. […]

Labradoodle Pregnancy Scan

Chloe the Labradoodle lives in the London borough of Bromley. This is her pregnancy scan at approximately 5 weeks. The foetal heartbeat of the main puppy […]

Chihuahua Pregnancy Scan

This canine ultrasound scan was performed just over 4 weeks into the pregnancy. The rapid movement of the foetal heartbeat is visible at the centre of […]

Dog & Cat Pregnancy Scans

How important is it for you to know if your animal is expecting? Would it help you know what to feed her? How to handle her? […]

Bailey’s Ultrasound Scans

Bailey Jones (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) pregnancy scans, approximate 43 days. The heartbeats of her puppies are clearly visible in both clips. In the first clip the […]

How Ultrasound Can Save Your Dog or Cat’s Life

Whilst exact “puppy counting” and “kitten counting” are never advised with ultrasound, ultrasound can and should be used to alert the owner of the possibility of […]

Puppy counting – what to expect from a canine pregnancy scan

The most common misconception amongst breeders looking to get their bitch scanned is that the ultrasound machine is going to be able to provide a puppy […]