Bubble’s Pregnancy Scan

Chloe’s early pregnancy scan
March 24, 2020
Late state of gestation pregnancy scan
August 20, 2020

We met Bubble the Mastiff here at our offices in Bromley today. Her owners were worried that she may have reabsorbed her pregnancy after an altercation with another dog, but thankfully, all of her (many!) puppies looked very healthy and extremely lively!
Scanning wasn’t always easy, as it was a warm day and Bubble was panting a lot, but it was still possible to see the movement of the puppies, as seen on the below scans. We used a microconvex probe at a frequency of 6.0MHz, which picked up the foetuses very well despite Bubble being a very large breed dog.

Here, the spine can clearly be seen:

The heartbeat of one of the puppies is very clear here:

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