Canine Pregnancy Scanning in Bolton & Beyond!

Dog Scan in Swanley, Kent
January 8, 2014
Echocardiography Practice Scans
Echocardiography Practice Scans
November 10, 2014

Mark Crompton, founder of MC Breeding Services, first decided to get involved with ultrasound scanning for scanning his own dogs. “I didn’t want to take healthy dogs to the vets if I didn’t have to. I spent several months scanning my own girls and a few friends dogs. I then started MC Breeding Services when I got my redundancy from work – I decided to do something I enjoyed and have a passion about.”
Mark has a wealth of experience with dogs, having bred and shown bulldogs for over 14 years.
As well as offering ultrasound services, MC Breeding Services also provide microchipping and mating services.
Mark has completed both the Level 1 and advanced Level 2 scanning courses with Vet Image Solutions, as well as the DEFRA-approved bovine scanning course, enabling him to perform pregnancy scans on cows. This four-day long course is the most stringent test of a lay scanner’s knowledge and abilities currently available, with Mark required to pass both a written and practical examination in order to gain his qualification.
As well as cows and dogs, MC Breeding Services also offers pregnancy detection in cats, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, sheep and goats.
MC Breeding Services is the perfect combination of Mark’s abilities and passions, as he combines both his love for animals and ultrasound with his desire to provide an excellent service. “I have a passion for customer service, so with me its not just about a quick scan and saying yes or no. I pride my self on making it a good experience for the owner and soon-to-be mother.”
MC Breeding Services cover most of the Northwest, with scans cost between £35-£45 depending on the area. For large groups and farm animals, please contact MC Breeding Services on 01204 419 139 or 07443 610 236 for pricing, or click here visit their website.

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