Canine Pregnancy Scanning in Edinburgh and surrounding areas

Belle’s Pregnancy Scan
October 16, 2013
Freya’s Pregnany Scan
December 20, 2013

After travelling halfway across Britain – twice – to obtain ultrasound training, Garry Pearce is now open for business.
Garry first decided to become a qualified pregnancy scanner after a terrifying experience with his own bitch, Grace. He had taken her for an ultrasound scan and was incorrectly told that she was not pregnant. As an experienced breeder, however, Garry knew the signs and felt that something was not right. After 65 days, Garry brought Grace to the vet but was again told that there was nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, Garry was worried, and finally on the 73rd day the vets took Grace in for emergency surgery. A litter of dead puppies were removed, and thankfully Grace’s life was saved – just. It was a close call, and Garry vowed never to have to completely rely on anybody else to scan his dogs again.
Garry’s Goal:
“I wish to give people an alternative to what they have at the moment. To be helpful to the breeders and pet lovers who want to have a litter of their own detected so that they can prepare for the arrival of their extended family members with paws.”

Canine ultrasound scan

Garry in action

As well as his recent ultrasound qualifications, Garry has a lifetime of experience with animals.
“I have been brought up with breeding, as my mother and father used to breed and show rough collies when I was a child and I helped to look after the kennels and groom them for my pocket money. I also watched as the puppies arrived and grow until they went to their new homes. I have bred for 8 years now – Great Danes are my passion, and I wished I had the time to show but was too busy with bringing up my family and working all sorts of weird hours.”
“I have brought 5 litters of puppies into this world and all have went to good homes and great families which I check with great care. If I scan a bitch for some one I will let them know what I do, as a lot of people would not know what they need to do to be ready for their litter and the medical treatments they need from their vet.”
Garry runs his new business with the help of his daughter, who is equally passionate about animals and who plans to become an S.S.P.C.A inspector.
Garry is happy to provide scans of the puppies or kittens for the owners to keep, and will travel up to 200 miles at standard mileage rates. He is also happy to book halls or community centres and arrange a number of scans on one day for more remote locations. Garry is based in Edinburgh with easy access to Livingston, Dunfermline, Berwick, Motherwell, Hamilton, Stirling, Glasgow, Dumbarton, Dundee, and surrounding areas.
Garry charges £35 per canine or feline scan. Garry has also been on a DEFRA-approved course in order to perform bovine reproductive scans. You can contact him on: 07592480697.

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