A Reliable and Accurate Service

All of the scanning professionals listed in our database are fully approved and certified. They have attended the Vet Image Solutions ultrasound training course, and use a veterinary-grade ultrasound machine from our approved list. Every individual in our database offers a comprehensive canine pregnancy scanning service, and will be able to tell you if your bitch is pregnant from 30 days onwards. Some may also be willing to scan felines, and a limited number also offer a sheep, goat, pig and even reptile scanning service!


It is important to remember that our database is comprised entirely of lay scanners and not veterinarians, who can offer you an informed opinion, not a veterinary diagnosis. In all instances, you will be present during the scan, and able to view the results of it directly on the ultrasound monitor. You can even have your images saved or take some photos yourself to keep!

The service offered by our technicians is often found to be more personal than that offered by veterinary surgeries, but is intended for pregnancy scanning only. For any health concerns, we would always recommend going directly to your local veterinarian.