Daisy’s Pregnancy Scan, Swanley, Kent

Mani’s Heart Scan
August 14, 2019
King Charles Cavalier Pregnancy Scan
November 4, 2019

Below are Daisy’s scan videos and stills from her canine pregnancy scan today. In the first video, one of her puppies can be seen laying across the picture. You can also spot the movement of another puppy further below this one.

An even clearer clip of that same puppy. From this angle, the spine is clearly visible. The flickering is the puppy’s heart, and the little black circle is its stomach:

The walls of the gestational sac are very clear here. We can pick out three distinct sacs in this scan:

In this final scan, we can see four – maybe even five – distinct sacs. Ultrasound is not an accurate predictor of numbers, but it seems clear that Daisy is set for a decent sized litter!


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