Mani’s Heart Scan

King Charles Spaniel Pregnancy Scan, Orpington, Kent
January 29, 2018
Daisy’s Pregnancy Scan, Swanley, Kent
October 24, 2019

Little Mani Whitnall may be small, but he certainly likes to be in charge. When he came to one of our ultrasound training days in December, getting him to sit still for a heart scan was easier said than done. The below video is the best we could get, because the stress of being made to stand in one place for more than three seconds, combined with the pressure of the probe on his chest, meant that Mani was coughing all the time. This is the main symptom of his enlarged heart, which we were seeking to image.
It’s easy to see his coughing during the scan, as contact is lost from the probe during these points.

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